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La Mesa Lunches

Living and working in La Mesa, it was quick to discover the dining is limited here. Not many chain restaurants, which is fine- I like mom n pop places better usually anyways. I’ve tried just about everything in the area, and have wrote about 100 reviews on for all of my restaurant findings.

Top 2 La Mesa small eateries for me:

Swami's La Mesa

1) Swami’s on La Mesa Blvd:  A recent expansion of an Encinitas-based restaurant entrepreneur, with fresh whole foods, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and specialize in vegetarian and healthy fare as well as coffee and smoothies. Service is friendly but try to go during off peak times to avoid lines. Tips; Search the web for coupons prior to dining, tastes better dining in than take out.. love this place!

Golden Bagel

2) Golden Bagel on Fletcher Pkwy: “We started with the perfect boiled bagel. Now we bring you a delicious array of mouth-watering specialty items. We offer a variety of generously made sandwiches, fresh, crisp salads, wraps and Pizzettas. Open face melts are mouth-watering on flavored bagels. More than 100 items to select from our menu at affordable prices.  Did we mention there is also a wide selection of supreme coffee drinks, juices and smoothies to wet your whistle?”

I love this spot for a quick bite to eat: healthy, fresh, convenient location and good prices. They also have a sister store, Cheers Deli which is located in a liquor store in San Carlos, it’s amazing. I’ll continue on in another post. Try these for now!

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