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Japan Awakes to Devastation

I woke up around 2am last night, couldn’t fall back to sleep so of course I grab my phone and begin browsing my usual sites to help me dose back off. Started seeing people in my facebook feed that live in Hawaii posting that they were ok and to pray for Japan. (Me~ thinking “what the heck?”) After seeing a few other similar posts namely from the CNN page, I googled it and watched videos in horror of the giant waves, earthquake damage, etc. It is so unreal how a natural disaster can take place so unexpectedly and change lives forever in the matter of moments.

“The most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan triggered a 30-foot tsunami that washed away parts of the northern shore, leaving hundreds dead and forcing tens of thousands to evacuate their homes.”

A NOAA model shows expected wave lengths of the tsunami as it moves across the Pacific after the massive quake in Japan.

Sukagawa, Japan

Houses lie flattened in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture.


For real time updates visit Google’s Crisis Response Page Here

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