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How Facebook Users Reacted to the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

I can’t imagine the pain and chaos that the Japanese are going through right now. I really feel SO bad for them, yet there is only so much we can do. I sent a small donation to Red Cross thinking “every little bit helps.” It’s surprising when some people don’t even acknowledge this horrible moment in history that is occurring right now. Can you imagine if this was happening in your home town? So when I opened up my facebook today it was a little warming seeing this pretty incredible animated graph and article.

“The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Japan Friday was the most powerful in Japan’s history. The earthquake launched a devastating tsunami that covered many of Japan’s northern coastal cities in water, created a nuclear crisis and set off tsunami warnings as far away as Hawaii and California. Japan’s prime minister, Naoto Kan, referred to the quake as Japan’s “worst crisis since World War II.”

Tsunami talk around the globe. Click photo for animation.

While many reacted to the disaster on Twitter, others took the conversation to Facebook. The social network counted 4.5 million status updates from 3.8 million users across the world on March 11 that mentioned “Japan,” “earthquake” or “tsunami.” The animated graphic above plots these status updates at 10 points in time.”

“Most of these status updates shared news, reports and prayers. For some, Facebook provided a way to quickly get in touch with loved ones in devastated areas.

In the aftermath, the conversation continues as people post news and spread word about ways — including using Facebook — to aid the victims. A partnership between Zynga, Facebook and Save the Children allows users to donate money through the purchase of virtual goods in Zynga games. Users can also donate to either the American Red Cross or Save the Children‘s relief efforts using Facebook causes.

Here are seven simple ways to donate using your phone or computer.”


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