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Logo Design Obsessing

In 70+ Countries

Branding yourself in the Real Estate industry is huge.. of course we have our companies/brokers we can build our brand around, but it’s also important to be distinct and make a statement on your own as well. I’m lucky to be with REMAX, a world renown real estate company that has the friendly yet powerful hot air balloon as it’s branding image, but I’ve always wanted a personal image, and have been trying to get a logo created for the past year or two.

At first I wanted something super custom, like an image of myself and my dogs but characterized, but after getting a few quotes the average was about $700 for a custom drawing….. not really practical. So I recently had a friend of a friend who is a graphic design design artist draw up a few different pieces for me but nothing was standing out.. All I wanted was “Erica Bass Real Estate”, with a house and/or a palm tree in it.. just a simple yet nice logo. I’m somewhat creative and computer savvy and feel like the logos that were being done~ they were (in my humble opinion), cheap and tacky :(. And my main reason for turning to designers/graphic artists was for their creativity, experience, and input. Frustrating, and I let it go for a few months- never used any of the designs that were created.

A snapshot of the contest.. subject logo was immediately eliminated.. is my name ERICA or ERIC?? ugh

Months later and I’ve still been toying with the idea weekly of getting a logo made. I’ve been googling designers, asking friends, asking on facebook for referrals, and finally remembered this website I came across when I first got started on this logo idea.; Their platform is based on you posting a brief on their page of what you are looking for in a logo, and offering a price- any price (+a fee to the website)- and graphic designers from anywhere can read your proposal and submit their designs to you.

It’s a contest that lasts 7 days and the designers submit their images and you can rate them from 1-5 stars, eliminate designs altogether, leave public comments or private message the designers directly. The only problem I experienced was that I typed my brief and they don’t let you go back and edit it after 24 hours.

So I typed it up- got about 30 different logo designs from designers yet they were all turning out ugly and not what I wanted. They allow you to update/edit your commentary in the comments section which not all of them read… I consistently asked for one specific requirement repeatedly(for my full name to be in ONE color, yet everyone was doing for example “Erica” in green then “Bass” in purple). Super annoying. Finally I had one artist submit something that I actually liked. It’s super simple yet catchy and I wouldn’t have thought of it on my own. Thus far, this is the winner. I still have 15 hours left in the contest, and so far have had 125 entries. Excited for the end result, and recommend this platform to people in a similar starting off position such as mine. I’ll share the logo once we’re complete 🙂

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