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East Chula Vista, “Future Site Rapid Transit Corridor” Signs

Over the past few years of just being in the area, or showing property in East Chula Vista, myself and my clients have noticed signs namely along the East Palomar median that state “Future site Rapid Transit Corridor”. I tried doing some research in 2009, but wasn’t able to come up with much info after a buyer had asked me about it in regards to what exactly the future site was.

Left to Right: 1) A Monet townhouse w/greenbelt on the right. 2) The Rapid Corridor Signs. 3) Aerial View. 4) Greenbelt View

Later we found ourselves looking at the townhouses in the beautiful Treviana community, where they were very interested in a 1700+sqft 3 level end unit on Caminito De La Cruz that bordered the serene greenbelt which divided the complex with the neighboring Monet Community. Long story short they didn’t end up buying there, and fast forward to today I was recently showing units in the Mer Soleil community to other buyers, and was questioned once again about the median signs.

There is now much more info available online about the Rapid Transit Corridor project. I’ve always personally questioned the greenbelt being used as a divider between Monet & Treviana, since it’s not something very common for condo complexes in the area, there’s no fencing between the 2 complexes- just the grass, and since it just dead ends at the 125 SBX(SouthBay Expressway)… But thought it was a great thing for residents; nice for a walking trail and for kids to play around. Come today after more research- surprised to find out finally what those median signs mean, and that this area is a future site for a SANDAG Bus Transit Route…

The plan is for the large East Palomar median and greenbelt area in between these 2 complexes to be a pathway for buses to commute on and cross over the 125 freeway, leading to the Otay Ranch mall, and onto the Otay Mesa border crossing.

I started reading through the controversy of this future development and see a lot of pluses and negatives. This future construction could give it a nice urban feel and provide many other advantages, but what a change it will be for current and future homeowners and residents in the area who oppose it.

On a whole other topic- there are now quite a few units being sold in Treviana currently by the city of Chula Vista, targeted only to First time home buyers that meet certain income requirements, and in turn leave deed restrictions and shared equity stipulations on the property. And on the other hand, brand new units just completed in 2011 are being sold by the builder after a few years break in construction during the market down turn. All in all, there is quite a bit of activity going on in this development. 2bedroom units in both Monet & Treviana are currently at the low asking around $140k+, and go up to about $330k for the new and larger 4bedroom floorplans in Treviana.

Treviana Chula Vista; Homes, Pool & Entrance

Not to be confused though, I still think these communities are great properties, with nice floorplans, amenities, and affordability. Treviana consists of 212 townhomes in the Lomas Verdes community within Chula Vista. Lomas Verdes showcases five parks totaling 14 acres with walking trails. Treviana has its own fitness center featuring LA Gym Equipment, along with a 25-yard lap pool, playground, and expanded spa and restrooms. And Monet next door offers great 2story style townhomes with 1 and 2 car garages.

More info from the SANDAG website regarding the BRT advantages:

“The South Bay Bus Rapid Transit project will be a 21-mile rapid, reliable, and high-frequency transit service between the Otay Mesa border crossing and downtown San Diego via eastern Chula Vista. The BRT project is expected to be in service in early 2014. This new BRT will provide access to regional employment centers in downtown San Diego, the Otay Mesa Business Park, and the future Eastern Urban Center, as well as serving residential communities in Chula Vista and National City.”

It does sound great, but I do know that my buyers in 2009 would have NEVER even considered the unit on Caminito De La Cruz because of their location preferences, had they had any idea that there was potentially a BRT project in the works.

Whether you live in the area or not- what are your thoughts about the future BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) project? Share your thoughts in the comments section, or send me an email today. Or, if you or someone you know is interested in these properties, please contact me, as I’d be happy to give you a tour.

For more information & Links on the progress of the future Sandag Bus Transit Route:

  • Blog created and maintained by a local homeowner in the Monet Community- Click HERE
  • SANDAG Project Info- Click HERE
  • SignonSanDiego- Owners Fight Transit Lanes – Click HERE
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