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Santee Road Improvements

Santee Open Houses

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Santee lately, working with clients in the area, holding open houses weekly at the Canopy Park @ Riverwalk Community(See Here), and while I’m always in the area anyways meeting family or running errands- it’s growth & new construction still amazes me.

Santee is a great starter neighborhood and community to establish your life in. It’s grown so much and yet still maintained a great vibe. With growth, something that has continued to require attention but has been lacking are some of the main roads in the city needing maintenance and re-paving. Low and behold, the City of Santee recently released news of yet another major project(Since their 52 to 67 was recently completed)- Major Street Repair Throughout the Zip Code Being Completed:

When I was in high school(West Hills), driving home on Mission Gorge, especially after the rain, was a mess, especially due to the potholes. Years later and they’re still here, just with new patching here and there, so this news of the road improvements are going to be a huge sigh of relief for commuters in the area.

Santee "Flip" Real Estate for Sale

Per Santee’s website, construction is beginning this year, and they are selecting the streets that are the most desperate to begin with first. Very glad they chose Fanita. I’ve sold a few properties around Fanita and this road improvement should help improve values and overall quality of life for residents.– The initial phase of work, estimated to cost $4.7 million, is expected to begin in July 2011. The bulk of the work will be applying rubberized asphalt to road surfaces. But repairs will also be made to storm drains, concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters and the installation of pedestrian ramps. A second phase of road improvements is expected to cost $1.8 million, bringing the total price tag to approximately $6.5 million.

The following streets are included in the first phase:

  • Fanita Parkway
  • Lake Canyon Road (Fanita Parkway to Carlton Hills Blvd)
  • East Glendon Circle Neighborhood
  • Rumson Drive
  • Carlton Hills Boulevard
  • Mission Gorge Road (Cottonwood Avenue to Riverview Parkway)

The City’s Development Services Department is planning to host a public meeting in late June to provide residents with more detailed information and answer questions about the project. In the next few weeks, informational flyers will be mailed to residents along the project boundaries.”

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