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Paint Cans & ‘Elbow Grease’ vs. Home Value

I’ve had home decor on my mind for a while now. Of course I see it everyday and can write a post daily on something new I see or love, but paint colors are always on my mind. They can make or break a house. And let’s face it, a big factor is keeping current with the trends. This yes can get old, and point-blank, when you’re a homeowner staying put, maybe you don’t want to “keep up with the latest”- which is valid reasoning by the way.

But when you are selling, whether it be a regular sale or short sale, flip or bank-owned, colors go a long way. 99% of buyers buy on emotion(In my opinion). Show them a house with bright red and yellow interior walls they think “Ahh! Ronald McDonald. So much work needs to be done here; Erica I hope you have a good cheap painter for us?” They’re mentally tallying thousands of dollars they will spend prior to even moving into the home post escrow. As a rule of thumb, I always tell buyers, almost all houses will need new carpet + paint. Not a big deal most of the time, but strangely when we see crazy colored walls the mental numbers seem to sky-rocket.

I have more “outrageous” real life examples, but will count on good old HGTV for prime blog visual examples;

Not too extreme, but the mustard shade isn't very ideal for most buyers.

The lighter cream grey exudes a more clean, charming, and move-in ready atmosphere.

Before putting your home on the market, even if it’s a short sale, use a little elbow grease and spruce up your property… it will go a long way! One may protest that they are losing their home what’s the point? But if you’re a short sale in better condition/appearance, chances are you will go through less buyers, less showings(less stress), and the buyers that originally offer on your home will be more likely to stick with you instead of cancelling months down the line because they found another- better- house in the mean time. A no-cost fix up is simply staging your home by de-cluttering or re-arranging your furniture in an appealing way.

Traditional sellers- you may love your lime green walls, and I’m sure they’re great, but buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space. Some can see the potential and their own ideal colors, some can’t. Neutral colors go a long way and can help optimize the full value of your home while selling in today’s market!


*P.S. Not to get overly picky, but sometimes bare white walls can be just that- too bare! They can project starch coldness and not welcoming warmth. Great neutral picks are creams, tans, greys.


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