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Hooked on Houses?

Came across this website a while back, and have become a fan since; HookedonHouses. The author, Julia is down to earth, fun, and full of facts. She posts anything from bad MLS photos (See My Pet Peeve Here) to the hottest Celeb property news. As she describes herself “I’m not a designer, and I’m not a ‘house snob’. For me, looking at houses is a form of entertainment. I love houses of every shape, size, and style. I think they have personalities, and it’s fun to get to know them.” I agree and totally relate.  I’m adding her badge to my blog, and re-posting her “Are You Hooked” questionnaire here to see if anyone else has these thoughts. Personally I loved houses before I entered real estate and visited model homes while I still worked as a hostess at a restaurant before even knowing this lifestyle. Apparently for some it’s inevitable!




“Are you Hooked on Houses? Give yourself a point for each of the following statements that you agree with:

  • If there’s a “For Sale” sign in my neighbor’s yard, I can tell you how much they’re asking for their house–and whether it’s worth it.
  • I have a habit of checking the real estate listings online, even though I’m not planning to move.
  • I think the best time to take a walk is at dusk–after people have started turning on their lights, but before they have closed their blinds!
  • I’ve been known to visit Open Houses and model homes, just for fun.
  • I will stop to take a photo of a beautiful house if I have a camera with me.
  • When I visit someone’s home, I immediately start looking around to see what changes they’ve made since the last time I was there.
  • I get upset when I see a beautiful old home that looks neglected and unloved, and I fantasize about “rescuing” it.
  • I would go to a neighbor’s party just to get a look inside their house.
  • I have considered becoming a real estate agent, or have been told I should be one.
  • I’ve been known to check out the local house listings when I’m on vacation to see how much it would cost to live there.
  • If I drive through a pretty neighborhood, I slow to a crawl so I don’t miss anything.
  • I’m always redecorating my house. It’s never “finished.”
  • There are certain movies I have watched repeatedly because of the houses featured in them.



If you agree with 3 or more of these, then you are definitely hooked on houses. You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the club. :-)

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