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Tiffany Box Blue

This may be old, it may be trendy, but I’m loving this Robbin’s egg blue(Tiffany&Co. Box) hue right now for room decor. Not to contradict my last post, if this color is done right it should work even if you’re selling your home. Any room you desire, it can work with- bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, even offices. It’s neutral yet colorful and refreshing. Retro yet modern. Mixed with whites it exudes a beach cottage flair~ add blacks it adds modern edge, can’t find any photos but add dark browns and add class. Some of my favorites;

Refreshing Robin

Photos below via Alkemie Blog

Tiffany Blue Living Room Decor~ Adore the contrasting black accents, and haute pink chairs.

More of a Greenish Hue, Charming Country Kitchen

LOVE the contrasting black painted island, however- thinking stainless steel appliances would work better w/this scheme.

Beach and Coastal Vibe w/Tiffany Blue

Maybe Love for the Decor is Whimsical Nostalgia?

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