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Santee’s New Via Moto Restaurant

Santee's Via Moto in the new Henry's Center (Photo Source:

With real estate, comes the community, hence my restaurant postings. Via Moto officially opened last month in Santee’s new Henry’s shopping center, and I was able to stop in for an early dinner. Personally, I’m into healthier foods and was so excited to discover that Via Moto isn’t just ‘another’ Italian restaurant; it’s a happy medium of delicious Italian food with a health-conscious kick.

Via Moto offers several great dining options… take out, order at counter and dine in, full waiter service, bar atmosphere, or any of the above with outdoor seating. Whole wheat pastas, pizza dough, turkey meat balls, etc.

Clean, modern yet romantic set-up, reminiscent of a more urban San Diego restaurant- with higher ceilings than expected from the outside and a few non overbearing flat screens here and there. Great food, service, local craft beer selection; an instant new favorite and excellent addition to the community.



“What if we could have pasta like this in the States? Better yet, what if everyone could?” Those are the questions the Pirraglia family pondered as they sat in their home in Italy, appreciating their meal of the freshest pastas and most flavorful sauces. How could they bring something so authentically Italian-from a culture that takes the time to savor it-to a country that’s always on the run?

Santee's Via Moto Patio Area (Outdoor seating not yet in place) Photo;

The answer was in the Pasta Moto concept. With a long history as restaurateurs and importers in the U.S. and Italy, the Pirraglias understood that while pasta is one of the most widely consumed foods in the country, restaurants (whether full service or fast food) simply hadn’t given it the attention it deserved. Pasta Moto would be different. It would be the first of its kind, filling a need to bring premium pasta to a quick-service environment. And it would import and serve the highest quality Italian pasta, made to order.

Not surprisingly, as with their other restaurants in their Tuscan Oven Restaurant Group, the Pirraglias saw their vision come to fruition. The first Pasta Moto location opened in the esteemed Westfield San Francisco Centre’s magnificent Food Emporium in the fall of 2006. Complete with a variety of the freshest imported pastas from Italy, Pasta Moto developed a quick-serve system to cook pasta dishes in a minute. And all Pasta Moto sauces are based on signature recipes from the Pirraglias’ acclaimed full-service restaurants.

While Pasta Moto was founded on delivering premium pastas, it has also gained a reputation for offering exceptional pizzas (all made to order from scratch in less than five minutes), paninis, and salads. And the Pirraglias have brought authentic Italian desserts, beers and wines into the mix as well, sticking true to their promise of a “quick taste of Italy” in their menu.” Source:

Via Moto is located at: 9331 Mission Gorge Rd, Santee, CA 92071 (In the new Henry’s shopping Center right off the Carlton Hills & Mission Gorge Blvd intersection).

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