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Front Door Decor

First impressions + Curb Appeal are everything. They can make or break a buyer’s desire to see a property, and just overall give guests a vibe for what’s in-store.

CasaSugar recently wrote a quick and great tipped article- “10 Chic Steps to a Standout Front Entry”, and I wanted to share their article’s key points:

– Dress your porch with lush plants. Try fragrant ones for a sensory experience.
– Swap out your old worn down doormat for a fresh, clean streamlined Welcome mat.
– Placed potted plants in pairs to create symmetry outside your entrance.
– Consider installing a Dutch door for a more welcoming entrance, and it lets the Summer breeze in. (If not your front door, these are great for back doors as well).
– Create a unique or bold walkway up to your door.


One of the Front Door Decor image examples was this Robbin’s Egg Blue door that looks great on the left; a nice change from the typical brown/black/red doors. See my Tiffany Box Blue Decor entry for more.


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