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Overly Using On-Trend Decor

I recently blogged about my latest Tiffany Box Blue/Robbin’s Egg Blue Decor obsession, which has not since died down- only grown- but while browsing Otay Ranch(Newer Chula Vista) inventory today; I found a new home for sale by a builder, a model home. Drenched in my beloved Robbin’s Egg Blue decor. Please note these are strictly my opinions, but I believe it’s safe to say in the majority of situations that, “Less is More”. Subject property in question; Having a dining/living room combo + two separate bedrooms painted the same on-trend color is almost always a NO;

Chula Vista Otay Ranch model home also loving the Robbin's Egg Blue Decor!

One room, fine trend away, but even if it’s not on trend, typically you don’t uniform your house. And of course, to each their own, but when selling, and especially a model home when interior designers enter the picture- I kind of wonder what happened here? Not to mention the 3rd bedroom with subtle lime colored walls(far left). That’s fine, but notice the Robbin’s egg blue bed spread? Yes… too much. Don’t get me wrong, gorgeous property BUT….


When selling- gear towards all audiences. Sure this new home

Sure this home could work terrific for the average buyer, hey they may even fall in love with it including the color choices. But picture a masculine set of buyers say- father & son buying together… Will they be thrilled with the whimsical aura? Some personalities see what they are buying right there and then- not what it could be, even if it’s as easy as a furniture and paint swap.

Not to mention prices for this home pictured, is near $300k + HOA & Mello Roos nearing $600 total/month- typically mostly discerning buyers in this spectrum.

So paint neutral, and if speciality(themes/trend colors)- don’t uniform it, it can come off as unappealing or overbearing!

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