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Social Media; Keeping it Simple

Google+ vs. Facebook

Have you ever heard the acronym “K.I.S.S.”? As in “Keep It Simple Stupid” ? Long story short, this is what I sum up my recent research into the social media world. From Facebook, to Twitter, to the newly Google+ frenzy; then branching off to all of the other sub categories; Tumblr, FourSquare. Applications to organize all of these; HootSuite, Posterous, etc, the list goes on.

My head is spinning?! For the past month or so and since I started this blog- I started exploring all the goods, bads, and necessities of the above mentioned platforms…

I’ve always “kept up with the times”, and consider myself fairly internet savvy. But have you ever gotten to a point when you realize more isn’t always merrier? For example; All of this Google+ talk. Will Google+ take over Facebook like how Facebook did w/Myspace? I received a Google+ invite, but I honestly can’t and haven’t wanted to figure it out yet.  If I start engaging in my Google+ account, I still have my Facebook, Twitter, and blog. I understand, as I previously mentioned, that there’s apps to manage multiple accounts and send one post out to all at once… but why? Asking seriously, what the reasoning is for that? I suppose I can see on one hand the people who say- don’t like Twitter, but like Facebook. You can make sure you reach out to them and the appropriate exposure is met?

I recently re-started Twitter after creating and deleting one in 2009, and I still just sometimes don’t think it’s “for” me, as sometimes getting a 140 character worthy message out doesn’t come easily.

The Fight for Followers

Writing content-filled blog posts is what I strive for, but what about days where I have a great random thought to post and don’t need/want to get too detailed? A few weeks ago I was questioning what Tumblr was, now I know- it’s just what I mentioned, a quick blog source. So is that what I needed? A happy medium mix between Twitter and a full blog? Something to quickly share thoughts/photos out in a blog format? Possibly. So do I make a Tumblr account- and now have a Facebook, Twitter, WordPress & Tumblr? Or delete one of the twelve five and move on?

Long story short I came back to reality and realized everything I need and want is what I already have. Writing a novel is possible on WordPress, or a sentence, or a one word post. Facebook I enjoy keeping in touch w/friends and family on. Twitter is my quick outlet. And any more to me for now- is beyond what’s necessary.

As a Realtor, I enjoy sharing info and having a social media presence, but I re-learned that sometimes less is more. As in any business it’s not logical to spread yourself too thin trying to be everywhere(website) at once. Because of all this I’ve been on a mini hiatus, over-analyzing all that’s available for online promotion. I’ve downloaded so many apps in the past month. And while I’ve found some great ones, the basics of social media- I realized are all I need. “Back to Basics”. Communication, knowledge, blogging, simple networking; and all is good :).

What social media outlets work best for you?

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