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“You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression.”

My blog is a work in progress- ever since I started it I’ve made changes almost always on the daily. Until recently when I upgraded WordPress themes- I made the most significant changes yet to the default free theme; bought an upgraded page and was able to upload a custom header photo. After toying with it- wasn’t satisfied, contemplated contacting a designer but disregarded. I am not a WordPress pro, obviously. -Yet- but I couldn’t even get my header right. It was a panoramic photo I personally took at Swami’s Encinitas and thought it was a fit for my San Diego Blog. Kind of. But there was the grainy-ness. And that white space to the right of it. If it’s a header it should fill the whole heading, right? I just wasn’t sure what to replace it with, and none of the other photos I tried were coming out as clear as I wanted them to be. I needed a good clean first impression…

I know when I first go to a new site and it’s “funky” or doesn’t sit right with me, I’ll lose interest fast.

So tonight I spontaneously gave my page a mini make over. From top to bottom. Literally. The custom header pic, to the title name, to the domain name- which is huge to change- but my original was also something that didn’t sit 100% with me- didn’t flow right with myself, and with San Diego. Onto my Blogroll I plan to fill up with my favorite reads, to my new right side bar feature with the Beach cottage photo I have for readers to click on to search San Diego homes for sale. Changes will continue, but I hope now that on first impression; my site is more clean, fresh, and easier on the eyes.

Old Blog; Custom Header Photo consisted of a picture I personally took. Grainy and not what should open a website.

New Blog! Custom Photo Header is now a Professional Photo.More clean & appealing?


Domain Name:

Header Photo: Short/not full length personal photo of an Encinitas Beach

Page Title: “San Diego Real Estate by Erica”


Domain Name:

Header Photo: Professional San Diego Downtown semi-aerial view photo at twilight

Page Title: “San Diego Real Estate by Erica; A Refreshing Approach to Buying & Selling”

Any feedback on any post at any time is greatly appreciated :).

Thanks for reading.

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