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IKEA 2012 Catalog; A Hit or Miss?

I’m officially retiring writing about Robbin’s Egg Blue/Tiffany Box Blue on my blog… ok maybe for this week only. Just amused seeing this hue become more and more main stream, and can’t help but write about it- but don’t want to over do it! So, I got the IKEA 2012 catalog in the mail today, and not sure if I’m surprised or not, but their front cover is a room featuring our favorite color. Robbin’s Egg Blue is now what tans and greys were over the past few years. No complaints, just observing :).

IKEA 2012 Catalog "A Home Doesn't Need to Be Big, Just Smart."

Whether the catalog is a hit or miss? In my opinion…

It’s always a hit! A huge 350+ page free catalog filled with home decor ideas that not only shows product specs and pricing, but also little tips here and there throughout the book. Who wouldn’t like it?

Really appreciating their cover logo and catalog theme this year, “A Home Doesn’t Need to Be Big, Just Smart.” Unless you’re a celebrity, well-off, etc- McMansion days are out. Huge ridiculous homes are- for the most part a thing of the past and unnecessary for the average American. What’s IN are normal practical spaces. Check out IKEA’s website for great rearranging tips and ideas for comfortable living in smaller spaces:

Some of my favorite snap shots from the catalog:

"One room, many zone. Because not everyone likes small talk."

Home Organization

"Light & Romantic". This page features a$39.99 Height adjustable Kristaller 3-arm chandelier. Have a future post in mind that works great w/this!


What are your thoughts on the IKEA catalogs?  A hit or miss?

P.S. I’m liking the room on the catalog’s cover’s color much more than the shades used in the Chula Vista model homes: Overly Using On-Trend Decor


More on Tiffany Box Blue on My Blog:

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