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Steve Jobs Steps Down From Apple CEO

I can’t believe it’s been almost one full month since I’ve blogged! I’ve let the hectic regular days of life and work get the best of me, but now I’m back. I’ve missed a lot of great topics, but my number one is the recent news of Steve Jobs stepping down/resigning as Apple’s CEO. Google him, Wikipedia him; he’s an amazing entrepreneur, and it seems as though unfortunately, his cancer is probably taking a turn for the worst. Will Apple remain the same? Probably… but the uncertainty is nerve-wracking I am sure. I’ve only recently become an Apple fan in the past few years, starting with the iPod, going to the Macbook, then iPhone(which I die for), then iPad…

I’m officially an Apple ‘fangirl’. This all doesn’t have to do much with Real Estate. But then again it does. I used to swear by the Blackberry smartphone. But the iPhone and iPad have made my job SO much easier… they are ahead of the game, and so multifunctional. The quality, features, etc- can’t be beat. Instead of filling in with an article of Jobs resigning, I wanted to share a video I watched in one of my college classes… Steve Jobs giving a commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. Amazing wise words, from someone who didn’t even graduate college themselves :-).

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