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Pantone Color of the Year; Tangerine Tango

Just saw this- Pantone’s 2012 color of the year is Tangerine Tango(Pantone is known wordwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to consumer). It reminds me a lot of Martyn Bullard Lawrence‘s work(famous celeb interior designer)-  which has a lot of Moroccan inspired flare. Loving this!

Pantone is a beautiful contrast on grays, thinking it’s a little more versatile than the Tiffany Box Blue. I’ve personally seen this hue and love it’s versatility over the TBB. 

Last year definitely seemed to be the year of Tiffany-Box Blue(Here)-not sure if it actually was-, but it was extremely trendy and I was a little torn on it, definitely great for one room per house, but not in excess- I literally saw an Otay Ranch model home with that color painted throughout the home!

See & Read more on Tangerine Tango on Patone’s website-

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