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Pinterest; More of a Tool Than Just an Online Trend

Pinterest has taken the online world by storm… most people started off by saying “What the heck is pinterest”, and “What’s the point?”… (But, think about it, this is just about how anyone first reacts to an up-and-coming internet phenomenon). Well, once you log-on to Pinterest and create your account, you create “boards”, and begin “pinning” photos you select- to the boards… most people I’ve spoken to become hooked! The concept is to keep it organized for ideas; it’s a great source and platform for vision, future projects, and/or just visual eye-candy.

A Screen-Shot of My "Home Decor" Pinterest Board

Whether for fashion/style, home decor, gardening, crafts, fitness tips, exploration, destination spots, etc; you basically create an online visual bulletin board for each topic you may so choose. I’ve found over the past almost year of “pinning” that many of my favorite “pins”(photos you like/select and dictate to a chosen board), tend to realistically stick out in my mind, and help me in many ways. Follow me on Pinterest: & read more below- Read more

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